Superpad P gold delta shape and stripes

Thanks to their full-surface perforation, the Multi-Perforation useit®-Superpad P Gold sanding disks are ideal for use on all manual grinding machines with and without suction. This pad guarantees 100% capability with minimum storage costs. Thanks to its stearate coating and unique design, any clogging of the sanding disc is effectively avoided. Dust pollution for humans and the environment is reduced to a minimum.  Compared to conventional perforated sandpaper from other manufacturers, the Gold quality achieves a much higher level of sanding performance. Precise and exquisite surface qualities with a unique ‘feel’ can be achieved. Thanks to its stearate coating, the Gold quality is particularly suitable for sanding painted surfaces and guarantees dust and shadow-free sanding when used on mineral materials.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
505-A 40 70x420 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
505-A 60 70x420 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
505-A 80 70x420 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
505-A100 70x420 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
505-A120 70x420 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
505-A150 70x420 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
505-A180 70x420 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
505-A220 70x420 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
505-A240 70x420 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
505-A280 70x420 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
505-A320 70x420 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
506-A 40 70x125 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
506-A 60 70x125 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
506-A120 70x125 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
506-A150 70x125 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
506-A180 70x125 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
506-A220 70x125 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
506-A240 70x125 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
506-A320 70x125 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
506-A400 70x125 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
506-A500 70x125 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
511-A 40 93x93x93 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
511-A 40/SB 93x93x93 mmredP-40in polybag10 pcs.
511-A 60 93x93x93 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
511-A 60/SB 93x93x93 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
511-A 80 93x93x93 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
511-A 80/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
511-A100 93x93x93 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
511-A100/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
511-A120 93x93x93 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
511-A120/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
511-A150 93x93x93 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
511-A150/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
511-A180 93x93x93 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
511-A180/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
511-A220 93x93x93 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
511-A220/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
511-A240 93x93x93 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
511-A240/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
511-A280 93x93x93 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
511-A280/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-280in polybag10 pcs.
511-A320 93x93x93 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
511-A320/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
511-A400 93x93x93 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
511-A400/SB 93x93x93 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
511-A500 93x93x93 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
511-A600 93x93x93 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.
512-A 40 100x147 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
512-A 60 100x147 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
512-A 80 100x147 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
512-A100 100x147 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
512-A120 100x147 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
512-A150 100x147 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
512-A180 100x147 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
512-A220 100x147 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
512-A240 100x147 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
512-A280 100x147 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
512-A320 100x147 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
512-A400 100x147 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
512-A500 100x147 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
512-A600 100x147 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.
513-A 40 80x133 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
513-A 40/SB 80x133 mmredP-40in polybag10 pcs.
513-A 60 80x133 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
513-A 60/SB 80x133 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
513-A 80 80x133 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
513-A 80/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
513-A100 80x133 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
513-A100/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
513-A120 80x133 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
513-A120/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
513-A150 80x133 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
513-A150/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
513-A180 80x133 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
513-A180/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
513-A220 80x133 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
513-A220/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
513-A240 80x133 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
513-A240/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
513-A280 80x133 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
513-A280/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-280in polybag10 pcs.
513-A320 80x133 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
513-A320/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
513-A400 80x133 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
513-A400/SB 80x133 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
513-A500 80x133 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
513-A600 80x133 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.
514-A 40 93x178 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
514-A 40/SB 93x178 mmredP-40in polybag10 pcs.
514-A 60 93x178 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
514-A 60/SB 93x178 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
514-A 80 93x178 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
514-A 80/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
514-A100 93x178 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
514-A100/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
514-A120 93x178 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
514-A120/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
514-A150 93x178 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
514-A150/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
514-A180 93x178 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
514-A180/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
514-A220 93x178 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
514-A220/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
514-A240 93x178 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
514-A240/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
514-A280 93x178 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
514-A280/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-280in polybag10 pcs.
514-A320 93x178 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
514-A320/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
514-A400 93x178 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
514-A400/SB 93x178 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
514-A500 93x178 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
514-A600 93x178 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.
515-A 40 115x228 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
515-A 40/SB 115x228 mmredP-40in polybag10 pcs.
515-A 60 115x228 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
515-A 60/SB 115x228 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
515-A 80 115x228 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
515-A 80/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
515-A100 115x228 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
515-A100/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
515-A120 115x228 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
515-A120/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
515-A150 115x228 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
515-A150/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
515-A180 115x228 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
515-A180/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
515-A220 115x228 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
515-A220/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
515-A240 115x228 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
515-A240/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
515-A280 115x228 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
515-A320 115x228 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
515-A320/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
515-A400 115x228 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
515-A400/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
515-A500 115x228 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
515-A500/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-500in polybag10 pcs.
515-A600 115x228 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.
515-A600/SB 115x228 mmgoldP-600in polybag10 pcs.
524-A 40 115x115 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
524-A 60 115x115 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
524-A 80 115x115 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
524-A100 115x115 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
524-A120 115x115 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
524-A150 115x115 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
524-A180 115x115 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
524-A220 115x115 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
524-A240 115x115 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
524-A280 115x115 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
524-A320 115x115 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
524-A400 115x115 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
524-A500 115x115 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
524-A600 115x115 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.
541-A 40 105x105x105 mmredP-40in carton25 pcs.
541-A 40/SB 105x105x105 mmredP-40in polybag10 pcs.
541-A 60 105x105x105 mmredP-60in carton25 pcs.
541-A 60/SB 105x105x105 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
541-A 80 105x105x105 mmgoldP-80in carton25 pcs.
541-A 80/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
541-A100 105x105x105 mmgoldP-100in carton25 pcs.
541-A100/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
541-A120 105x105x105 mmgoldP-120in carton25 pcs.
541-A120/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
541-A150 105x105x105 mmgoldP-150in carton25 pcs.
541-A150/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
541-A180 105x105x105 mmgoldP-180in carton25 pcs.
541-A180/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
541-A220 105x105x105 mmgoldP-220in carton25 pcs.
541-A220/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
541-A240 105x105x105 mmgoldP-240in carton25 pcs.
541-A240/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
541-A280 105x105x105 mmgoldP-280in carton25 pcs.
541-A320 105x105x105 mmgoldP-320in carton25 pcs.
541-A320/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
541-A400 105x105x105 mmgoldP-400in carton25 pcs.
541-A400/SB 105x105x105 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
541-A500 105x105x105 mmgoldP-500in carton25 pcs.
541-A600 105x105x105 mmgoldP-600in carton25 pcs.