Superpad P gold for eccentric floor machines

As in the case of the useit®-Superpad P Gold for single disc machines, laminate floors in need of renovation can be easily refurbished with the Jöst random orbital sanders. Almost any desired gloss level can be achieved in combination with the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG. Thanks to its full-surface perforation and the associated dust extraction, the Gold Line is the ideal product for mineral materials and painted surfaces. A shadow and dust-free sanding result is guaranteed – with the best possible surface quality. Working time savings of up to 50% can be achieved.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
548-A 60 335x485 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
548-A 80 335x485 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
548-A100 335x485 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
548-A120 335x485 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
548-A150 335x485 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
548-A180 335x485 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
548-A220 335x485 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
548-A240 335x485 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
548-A280 335x485 mmgoldP-280in polybag10 pcs.
548-A320 335x485 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
548-A400 335x485 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
548-A500 335x485 mmgoldP-500in polybag10 pcs.
549-A 60 190x340 mmredP-60in polybag10 pcs.
549-A 80 190x340 mmgoldP-80in polybag10 pcs.
549-A100 190x340 mmgoldP-100in polybag10 pcs.
549-A120 190x340 mmgoldP-120in polybag10 pcs.
549-A150 190x340 mmgoldP-150in polybag10 pcs.
549-A180 190x340 mmgoldP-180in polybag10 pcs.
549-A220 190x340 mmgoldP-220in polybag10 pcs.
549-A240 190x340 mmgoldP-240in polybag10 pcs.
549-A280 190x340 mmgoldP-280in polybag10 pcs.
549-A320 190x340 mmgoldP-320in polybag10 pcs.
549-A400 190x340 mmgoldP-400in polybag10 pcs.
549-A500 190x340 mmgoldP-500in polybag10 pcs.
549-A600 190x340 mmgoldP-600in polybag10 pcs.

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