SG from 178 - 280 mm

A special construction combined with state-of-the-art production techniques makes the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG a reliable product for obtaining the highest surface quality. The open structure enables continuous and practically dust-free working. The dust produced is sucked out to the rear through the entire pad. A wide variety of materials such as mineral materials, GRP, paints, lacquers and high-gloss surfaces can be processed in the shortest possible time. The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG is a high-performance abrasive with up to six times the surface finishing performance of conventional abrasives. This pad fits on every sanding machine available on the market, regardless of the perforation configuration in the suction pads – and it’s also ideal for wet and dry sanding.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
132-S/G240 Ø200 mmgreySG-240in carton25 pcs.
132-S/G320 Ø200 mmgreySG-320in carton25 pcs.
132-S/G600 Ø200 mmgreySG-600in carton25 pcs.
132-S/G800 Ø200 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
132-S/G1200 Ø200 mmgreySG-1200in carton25 pcs.
132-S/G1500 Ø200 mmgreySG-1500in carton25 pcs.
134-S/G 240 Ø280 mmgreySG-240in carton25 pcs.
134-S/G 320 Ø280 mmgreySG-320in carton25 pcs.
134-S/G600 Ø280 mmgreySG-600in carton25 pcs.
134-S/G 800 Ø280 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
134-S/G1200 Ø280 mmgreySG-1200in carton25 pcs.
134-S/G1500 Ø280 mmgreySG-1500in carton25 pcs.