SG from 300 - 460 mm

A special construction combined with state-of-the-art production techniques makes the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG a reliable product for obtaining the highest surface quality. The open structure enables continuous and practically dust-free working. The dust produced is sucked out to the rear through the entire pad. The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG can process hard coverings such as PVC, linoleum, vinyl, 2K-coated industrial floors and sealed, oiled & waxed wooden floors. The above floor coverings can be cleaned, polished and freed from coatings and micro scratches without damaging the surface. Differences in the degree of gloss on floors can also be quickly and easily harmonized, eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing. On tiles and fine stone floors, soiling caused by cement and epoxy resin can be removed quickly, reliably and easily without the need for cleaning chemicals.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
138-S/G240 Ø 375 mmgreySG-240in carton15 pcs.
138-S/G320 Ø 375 mmgreySG-320in carton15 pcs.
138-S/G600 Ø 375 mmgreySG-600in carton15 pcs.
138-S/G1200 Ø 375 mmgreySG-1200in carton15 pcs.
138-S/G1500 Ø 375 mmgreySG-1500in carton15 pcs.
138-SG240/SB Ø 375 mmgreySG-240in SB carton10 pcs.
138-SG320/SB Ø 375 mmgreySG-320in SB carton10 pcs.
138-SG600/SB Ø 375 mmgreySG-600in SB carton10 pcs.
138-SG1200/SB Ø 375 mmgreySG-1200in SB carton10 pcs.
138-SG1500/SB Ø 375 mmgreySG-1500in SB carton10 pcs.
139-S/G240 Ø 410 mmgreySG-240in carton15 pcs.
139-S/G320 Ø 410 mmgreySG-320in carton15 pcs.
139-S/G600 Ø 410 mmgreySG-600in carton15 pcs.
139-S/G800 Ø 410 mmgreySG-800in carton15 pcs.
139-S/G1200 Ø 410 mmgreySG-1200in carton15 pcs.
139-S/G1500 Ø 410 mmgreySG-1500in carton15 pcs.
139-SG240/SB Ø 410 mmgreySG-240in SB carton10 pcs.
139-SG320/SB Ø 410 mmgreySG-320in SB carton10 pcs.
139-SG600/SB Ø 410 mmgreySG-600in SB carton10 pcs.
139-SG1200/SB Ø 410 mmgreySG-1200in SB carton10 pcs.
139-SG1500/SB Ø 410 mmgreySG-1500in SB carton10 pcs.
140-S/G240 Ø 430 mmgreySG-240in carton15 pcs.
140-S/G320 Ø 430 mmgreySG-320in carton15 pcs.
140-S/G600 Ø 430 mmgreySG-600in carton15 pcs.
140-S/G800 Ø 430 mmgreySG-800in carton15 pcs.
140-S/G1200 Ø 430 mmgreySG-1200in carton15 pcs.
140-S/G1500 Ø 430 mmgreySG-1500in carton15 pcs.
140-SG240/SB Ø 430 mmgreySG-240in SB carton10 pcs.
140-SG320/SB Ø 430 mmgreySG-320in SB carton10 pcs.
140-SG600/SB Ø 430 mmgreySG-600in SB carton10 pcs.
140-SG800/SB Ø 430 mmgreySG-800in SB carton10 pcs.
140-SG1200/SB Ø 430 mmgreySG-1200in SB carton10 pcs.
140-SG1500/SB Ø 430 mmgreySG-1500in SB carton10 pcs.