SG2 Brushes

The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG Finishing and Polishing Brushes give you high gloss surfaces quickly and easily – with no need for polishing paste. They are particularly suitable for machining curves and profiled surfaces. Excellent gloss levels canbe achieved on stainless steel sheets – without felt and polishing paste. Thanks to the flexibility of the abrasive, the brushes adapt perfectly to the surface contour and prevent sanding through at the edges. When processing mineral materials, especially in the wash basin area, the surfaces can be perfectly adapted to the entire installation without visible transitions in gloss and structure.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
115-SG2 1600 Ø50x30x6 mmgreySG-1600in polybag5 pcs.
115-SG2 1800 Ø50x30x6 mmgreySG-1800in polybag5 pcs.
115-SG2 2000 Ø50x30x6 mmgreySG-2000in polybag5 pcs.
115-SG2 2500 Ø50x30x6 mmgreySG-2500in polybag5 pcs.
115-SG2 3000 Ø50x30x6 mmgreySG-3000in polybag5 pcs.
117-SG2 1600 Ø80x50x6 mmgreySG-1600in polybag5 pcs.
117-SG2 1800 Ø80x50x6 mmgreySG-1800in polybag5 pcs.
117-SG2 2000 Ø80x50x6 mmgreySG-2000in polybag5 pcs.
117-SG2 2500 Ø80x50x6 mmgreySG-2500in polybag5 pcs.
118-S/G2 2000 Ø100x50x8 mmgreySG-2000in polybag5 pcs.
118-S/G2 2500 Ø100x50x8 mmgreySG-2500in polybag5 pcs.