SG2 from 50 - 150 mm

The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG2 differs from our useit®-Superfinishing-Pad SG in that the abrasive grain backing consists of a closed fabric and not a fine sanding mesh. The more stable surface of the useit®-Superfinishing-Pad SG2 makes it ideal for final filler sanding, for removing color sagging and dust inclusions, for processing and smoothing orange peel for spot repairs, for compensating for transitions, for vehicle preparation, and for the sanding of stainless steel and NF metals. Like the SG, the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG2 is also suitable for wet and dry sanding – and the SG2 pad fits every sanding machine that’s available on the market, regardless of the perforation configuration in the suction plates. 

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
114-SG2 800 Ø75 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
114-SG2 1600 Ø75 mmgreySG-1600in carton25 pcs.
114-SG2 1800 Ø75 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
114-SG2 2000 Ø75 mmgreySG-2000in carton25 pcs.
114-SG2 2500 Ø75 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
114-SG2 3000 Ø75 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
114-SG2 4000 Ø75 mmgreySG-4000in carton25 pcs.
116-SG2 800 Ø118 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
116-SG2 1800 Ø118 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
116-SG2 2000 Ø118 mmgreySG-2000in carton25 pcs.
116-SG2 2500 Ø118 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
116-SG2 3000 Ø118 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
119-S/G2 800 Ø115 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
119-SG2 1800 Ø115 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
119-SG2 2000 Ø115 mmgreySG-2000in carton25 pcs.
119-SG2 2500 Ø115 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
119-SG2 3000 Ø115 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 800 Ø128 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 1600 Ø128 mmgreySG-1600in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 1800 Ø128 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 2000 Ø128 mmgreySG-2000in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 2500 Ø128 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 3000 Ø128 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
127-SG2 4000 Ø128 mmgreySG-4000in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 800 Ø150 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 1600 Ø150 mmgreySG-1600in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 1800 Ø150 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 2000 Ø150 mmgreySG-2000in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 2500 Ø150 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 3000 Ø150 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 4000 Ø150 mmgreySG-4000in carton25 pcs.
128-SG2 5000 Ø150 mmgreySG-5000in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 800 Ø77 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 1600 Ø77 mmgreySG-1600in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 1800 Ø77 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 2000 Ø77 mmgreySG-2000in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 2500 Ø77 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 3000 Ø77 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
130-SG2 4000 Ø77 mmgreySG-4000in carton25 pcs.

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