SG3 from 50 - 150 mm

The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG3 offers an enormous savings potential compared to conventional polishing processes when processing high-gloss lacquers, GRP surfaces, metals and mineral materials. This saves a lot of working time and considerably reduces your costs. Sanding through beads and edges is prevented thanks to the abrasive grains which are applied with a special coating method: the special construction of the pad forces the grains to automatically align themselves during sanding. The pad adapts itself perfectly to curves and profiled surfaces. Compared to the SG and SG2 useit®-Superfinishing Pads, the special thickness of this pad means it adapts very well to the work surface, a factor which is especially advantageous in the automotive sector and in boat construction. The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG3 is suitable for both wet and dry sanding – and it fits every sanding machine available on the market.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
110-SG3 360 Ø90 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
110-SG3 500 Ø90 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
110-SG3 600 Ø90 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
110-SG3 1000 Ø90 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
110-SG3 2000 Ø90 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
110-SG3 3000 Ø90 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
110-SG3 4000 Ø90 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 360 Ø128 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 500 Ø128 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 600 Ø128 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 1000 Ø128 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 2000 Ø128 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 3000 Ø128 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
127-SG3 4000 Ø128 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 360 Ø150 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 500 Ø150 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 600 Ø150 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 1000 Ø150 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 2000 Ø150 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 3000 Ø150 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
128-SG3 4000 Ø150 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 360 Ø77 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 500 Ø77 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 600 Ø77 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 1000 Ø77 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 2000 Ø77 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 3000 Ø77 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
130-SG3 4000 Ø77 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.

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