Green Cut®

The newly developed GreenCut® abrasive mesh sets new standards in material removal performance, dust removal and flat sanding results. Thanks to its special backing structure and the bonding of the abrasive grain, Green Cut® is also available in coarse grain sizes such as 40 and 60. The high inherent rigidity ensures a flat surface finishes. Virtually dust-free working is possible in combination with the open backing structure and clogging of the sanding disk is prevented.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
323-S 40 Ø 225 mmgreen40in carton25 pcs.
323-S 60 Ø 225 mmgreen60in carton25 pcs.
323-S 80 Ø 225 mmgreen80in carton25 pcs.
323-S100 Ø 225 mmgreen100in carton25 pcs.
323-S120 Ø 225 mmgreen120in carton25 pcs.
323-S150 Ø 225 mmgreen150in carton25 pcs.
323-S180 Ø 225 mmgreen180in carton25 pcs.
323-S220 Ø 225 mmgreen220in carton25 pcs.
339-S 40 Ø 410 mmgreen40in carton25 pcs.
339-S 60 Ø 410 mmgreen60in carton25 pcs.
339-S 80 Ø 410 mmgreen80in carton25 pcs.
339-S100 Ø 410 mmgreen100in carton25 pcs.
339-S120 Ø 410 mmgreen120in carton25 pcs.
339-S150 Ø 410 mmgreen150in carton25 pcs.
339-S180 Ø 410 mmgreen180in carton25 pcs.
339-S220 Ø 410 mmgreen220in carton25 pcs.