Mesh abrasive

A high level of inherent rigidity combined with innovative grain bonding make the Jöst abrasive mesh cloth the ideal product for every craftsman. The 225 mm diameter discs are equipped with an innovative Velcro system. The abrasive mesh can be used on every long-neck sander available on the market. Optimal dust removal is guaranteed thanks to the Velcro system. The innovative, open backing structure enables even heavily soiled surfaces to be cleaned and soft fillers that would normally produce a high level of dust to be sanded.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
40-K 80 115x290 mmgreyK-80wrapped in foil10 pcs.
40-K100 115x290 mmgreyK-100wrapped in foil10 pcs.
40-K120 115x290 mmgreyK-120wrapped in foil10 pcs.
40-K150 115x290 mmgreyK-150wrapped in foil10 pcs.
40-K180 115x290 mmgreyK-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
40-K220 115x290 mmgreyK-220wrapped in foil10 pcs.
40-K320 115x290 mmgreyK-320wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K 80 93x280 mmgreyK-80wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K100 93x280 mmgreyK-100wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K120 93x280 mmgreyK-120wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K150 93x280 mmgreyK-150wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K180 93x280 mmgreyK-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K220 93x280 mmgreyK-220wrapped in foil10 pcs.
41-K320 93x280 mmgreyK-320wrapped in foil10 pcs.
42-S100 93x285 mmgreyS-100 with recesswrapped in foil10 pcs.