Abraflex E-Type Pads

The Abraflex® E-Type nonwoven abrasive is particularly suitable for manual use. It is usually used as a narrow roll, hand pad or cut. Uniform and continuous impregnation guarantees the highest levels of quality and service life. In addition to a substantial standard program, we also offer solutions for individual customer demands, e.g. with regard to color and grain.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
21-A100/E 150x210 mmredA-100wrapped in foil10 pcs.
21-A180/E 150x210 mmredA-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
21-A280/E 150x210 mmredA-280wrapped in foil10 pcs.
21-S400/E 150x210 mmgreyS-400wrapped in foil10 pcs.
21-S1000/E 150x210 mmgreyS-1000wrapped in foil10 pcs.
21-S1200/E 150x210 mmgreyS-1200wrapped in foil10 pcs.
52-A100 190x340 mmredA-100in polybag10 pcs.
52-A280 190x340 mmredA-280in polybag10 pcs.
52-S400 190x340 mmgreyS-400in polybag10 pcs.