Abraflex High Performance Others

Abraflex® High Performance nonwoven abrasive in various designs and forms, from combined nonwoven brushes with abrasive inlays to circular brushes, from lamellar brushes to cuts with integrated liquid reservoirs for zinc substrate pre-treatment.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
17-A100 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-100in polybag5 pcs.
17-A180 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-180in polybag5 pcs.
17-A280 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-280in polybag5 pcs.
17-RS A-80 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-80 / Spindle mounted flap brushin polybag5 pcs.
17-RS A-180 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-180 / Spindle mounted flap brushin polybag5 pcs.
17-RS S-400 Ø80x50x6 mmgreyS-400 / Spindle mounted flap brushin polybag5 pcs.
17-S400 Ø80x50x6 mmgreyS-400in polybag5 pcs.
18-A100 Ø60x50x6 mmredA-100in polybag5 pcs.
18-A180 Ø60x50x6 mmredA-180in polybag5 pcs.
18-A280 Ø60x50x6 mmredA-280in polybag5 pcs.
18-S400 Ø60x50x6 mmgreyS-400in polybag5 pcs.
19-A100 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-100 / P-80in polybag5 pcs.
19-A180 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-180 / P-180in polybag5 pcs.
19-A280 Ø80x50x6 mmredA-280 / P-240in polybag5 pcs.
19-S400 Ø80x50x6 mmgreyS-400 / P-320in polybag5 pcs.
20-A100 Ø60x50x6 mmredA-100 / P-80in polybag5 pcs.
20-A180 Ø60x50x6 mmredA-180 / P-180in polybag5 pcs.
20-A280 Ø60x50x6 mmredA-280 / P-240in polybag5 pcs.
20-S400 Ø60x50x6 mmgreyS-400 / P-320in polybag5 pcs.