Abraflex High Performance Pads

Haftfix® nonwoven discs for random orbital sanding machines. Particularly suitable for roughening or smoothing wood and lacquered surfaces.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
SR-A 100/128 Ø128 mmredA-100wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-A 100/150 Ø150 mmredA-100wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-A 180/128 Ø128 mmredA-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-A 180/150 Ø150 mmredA-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-A 280/128 Ø128 mmredA-280wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-A 280/150 Ø150 mmredA-280wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-FX WEIß/128 Ø128 mmwhitewithoutwrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-FX WEIß/150 Ø150 mmwhitewithoutwrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-HF GRÜN/128 Ø128 mmgreenundefinedwrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-HF GRÜN/150 Ø150 mmgreenundefinedwrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-S 400/128 Ø128 mmgreyS-400wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-S 400/150 Ø150 mmgreyS-400wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-S1000/128 Ø128 mmgreyS-1000wrapped in foil10 pcs.
SR-S1000/150 Ø150 mmgreyS-1000wrapped in foil10 pcs.

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