Abraflex High Performance rolls

The Abraflex® High Performance nonwoven abrasive is often used for further finishing thanks to its uniform fiber structure and complete impregnation. Thanks to its constant weight and material thickness, this nonwoven quality is particularly suitable for the production of nonwoven abrasive tools such as rollers, brushes, belts and sanding wheels.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
08-A100 115mm x 10 IfmredA-100wrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A180 115mm x 10 IfmredA-180wrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A280 115mm x 10 IfmredA-280wrapped in foil1 pc.
08-FX WEIß 115mm x 10 IfmwhiteFX-whitewrapped in foil1 pc.
08-HF GRÜN 115mm x 10 IfmgreenHF-greenwrapped in foil1 pc.
08-S400 115mm x 10 IfmgreyS-400wrapped in foil1 pc.
08-S1000 115mm x 10 IfmgreyS-1000wrapped in foil1 pc.
08-S1200 115mm x 10 IfmgreyS-1200wrapped in foil1 pc.