Texflex® Pads

Texflex® fabric-reinforced non-woven discs for angle grinders are designed for use on metal and painted wooden surfaces. These discs are ideal for light deburring, removing rust and annealing colors, warping welding seams and gently removing varnish from wooden surfaces without damaging the grain.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
11-V 80 Ø 115 mmbrownA-80in carton10 pcs.
11-V 80/178 Ø 178 mmbrownA-80in carton10 pcs.
11-V 80/SB Ø 115 mmbrownA-80wrapped in foil3 pcs.
11-V100 Ø 115 mmbrownA-100in carton10 pcs.
11-V100/178 Ø 178 mmbrownA-100in carton10 pcs.
11-V100/SB Ø 115 mmbrownA-100wrapped in foil3 pcs.
11-V180 Ø 115 mmbrownA-180in carton10 pcs.
11-V180/178 Ø 178 mmbrownA-180in carton10 pcs.
11-V180/SB Ø 115 mmbrownA-180wrapped in foil3 pcs.