Abraflex® Superpad cleaning

non-woven pad

The optimal partner for floor cleaning machines

Whether basic cleaning or maintenance cleaning, the Superpad cleaning non-woven comes in several versions with different sizes. Longer lasting, faster in the application and an extended life of floor coverings and protect your floor cleaning machines. 

  • better cleaning results 
  • improved performance 
  • longer lifetime
  • excellent machine stability

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
CP-190/340 190x340 mmgreyabrasivin polybag5 pcs.
CP-410 Ø 410 mmgreyabrasivin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-190X340/B 190x340 mmbeigevery fine abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-190X340/G 190x340mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-190X340/R 190x340mmredslight abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-190X340/S 190x340mmblackheavy abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-190X340/W 190x340mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-335X485/B 335x485 mmbeigevery fine abrasiveness in polybag5 pcs.
SUP-335X485/G 335x485 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-335X485/R 335x485 mmredslight abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-335X485/S 335x485 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-335X485/W 335x485 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
SUP-410/B Ø 410 mmbeigevery fine abrasiveness in carton5 pcs.
SUP-410/G Ø 410 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
SUP-410/R Ø 410 mmredslight abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
SUP-410/S Ø 410 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
SUP-410/W Ø 410 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
SUP-430/B Ø 430 mmbeigevery fine abrasiveness in carton5 pcs.
SUP-430/G Ø 430 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
SUP-430/R Ø 430 mmredslight abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
SUP-430/S Ø 430 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
SUP-430/W Ø 430 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.

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