Melamine cleaning products


High-quality melamine cleaning pads and sponges

Jöst melamine products easily remove dirt from smooth surfaces without using any chemical cleaning additives. They remove streaks and stains on floors, doors and skirting boards and make short work of abrasions on shoes and tea, coffee, pens, felt-tip pens and grease stains. Depending on the dimensions involved, these melamine products are ideal for the basic and maintenance cleaning of various hard floors using a suitable hand pad holder. However, always carry out wet testing in advance in an inconspicuous place. 

Usage scenarios:

  • Natural stone
  • Tiles
  • Hard coverings
  • Terracotta
  • Fine stoneware, porcelain, etc.
  • Cast stone

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
SW-115X230X20 115x230x20 mmwhitenonewrapped in foil10
SW-125X60X30 125x60x30 mmwhitenonewrapped in foil10
SW-140X60X25 140x60x25 mmwhitenonewrapped in foil10