Innovative cleaning solutions for aquariums!

Aquarium cleaning made easy!

JÖST abrasives, known as an experienced and traditional manufacturer of sanding belts, non-woven abrasives and sanding discs is presenting its innovations again and again. We do not only offer a distinct and high-quality range of abrasives and abrasive accessories, as Jöst Aquaristic we developed innovative products for the cleaning of Aquariums. We at Jöst aquaristic asked many aquarium owners what would make the cleaning procedure easier for them – and we can now offer them truly effective aquarium cleaning solutions. Holders in various shapes and even a cleaning glove always offer the best possible solution for the different tasks involved in aquarium cleaning. You can of course remove coarse dirt and lime crusts with the different products, but we have also created a solution for those annoying coatings of algae – giving you an absolutely flawless aquarium. Jöst aquaristic is our latest product and supplements the high-quality products of Jöst abrasives. Our innovative aquarium products really do make life easier for enthusiasts! We at Jöst are pioneers when it comes to solving cleaning issues. We are also aquarists – and we put our heads together to develop innovative, versatile and inexpensive cleaning products for aquariums. The products are reusable, and their quality has totally convinced every user.

Only the best for your aquarium!

Innovative cleaning solutions for aquariums!
Many fish lovers try to avoid cleaning their aquariums as long as they can – but the longer you put it off, the harder the job gets.The efficient and effective aquarium cleaning systems from JÖST aquaristic make aquarium cleaning so easy, it’s almost enjoyable!


Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
01-FX-3 100x150 mmwhitewithoutwrapped in foil3 pcs.
01-SW-2 100x150 mmgreywithoutwrapped in foil2 pcs.
05-10-3 85x140 mmbluewithoutin carton1 pcs.
05-70 noneblackwithoutin Box1 pcs.
05-GUPPY 2,5 cm highblackwithoutin polybag1 pcs.
05-GUPPY/SET noneblackwithoutin polybag1 pcs.
05-MF-3 pentagonrosawithoutin carton1 pcs.
05-MG-30 nonediversewithoutin polybag1 pcs.
05-SOAP 9x6,5 cmbluewithoutin Box1 pcs.
3000-2 85x140 mmdiversewithoutwrapped in foil1 pcs.
3000-37 37x37 mmyellowwithouttransparent packaging1 pcs.
3000-PENTA pentagonyellowwithoutwrapped in foil4 pcs.
BW-70X110-3 70x110x30 mmwhitewithoutwrapped in foil3 pcs.
FX-GUPPY 9x6,5 cmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
FX-PENTA-3 pentagonwhitewithoutwrapped in foil3 pcs.
MF-40X40 40x40 cmbluewithouttransparent packaging1 pcs.
MF-40X80 40x80 cmbluewithouttransparent packaging1 pcs.
SW-9X8X8 90x80x5 mmwhite/bluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
SW-9X8X11 90x80x11 mmwhite/bluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
SW-GUPPY 9x6,5 cmgreywithoutin polybag5 pcs.
SW-PENTA-2 pentagongreywithoutwrapped in foil2 pcs.

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