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Sanding procedures and abrasives are used today in almost every company which is active in the crafts and industrial sectors - and our high-quality abrasives meet the high standards required in these companies' operations. Highly-accurate and first-class results are demanded by the abrasives sector market. The grinding manufacturing process is an important step in the value chain and is also a decisive factor in the quality of the finished products. JÖST abrasives produces and sells sanding discs, abrasive belts and almost all the accessories craftsmen and the industry need for demanding sanding work. Since JÖST abraives GmbH was founded in 1981, we have been working on the continuous enhancement of our range of abrasives - and we can look back with pride on many successful innovations and patent applications.

  • painters
  • vehicle spray painters
  • carpenters
  • fitters
  • mechanics
  • metalworks and
  • craftsmen who process metal, stone, mineral materials, wood, plastic, rubber, paint and varnish.

Innovation, new procedures and high-quality requirements are essential components of our corporate culture. Our primary goal is to offer products and systems of first-class quality that create maximum benefits for our customers. JÖST abrasives sees its challenge in identifying and understanding requirments before problems arise - and implementing a customized solution. We are well aware that we bear a high degree of responsibility for our current actions - and consequently for future development. That is why we have a high level of commitment to society, the environment and our customers, employees and suppliers... a commitment that not only justifies top performance, it requires it.

Peak performance is a journey, not just a destination. Top performance is dynamic, it can be optimized on a daily basis. We at JÖST abrasives know that - and we act accordingly, ensuring that our partners also benefit from what we provide for them.

This is one of the reasons why our customers all over the world have long-term confidence in our performance, from consultancy to our problem-solving and service.

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