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One pad - unlimited possibilities!

The perfect surface for every material thanks to a new generation of unique, high-performance abrasives: the useit® Superfinishing Pads SG, SG2 und SG3. These pads offer the highest processing quality, even for the most demanding applications like ultra-sensitive surfaces and materials. Compared to traditional abrasives, the useit® Superfinishing Pads will give you up to 6 times more performance at the final polishing stage when used with a hand-operated sanding machine. The pad's innovative and new open structure also enables you to work continuously in a dust-free environment - the dust is extracted over the entire surface.

The special design and production technology of the useit® Superfinishing Pads offers you globally unique processing of a vast range of materials. Mineral materials like, for example Corian®, Varicor®, Wilsonart®, GRP, paints, varnishes, acrylic glass and high gloss surfaces can be specifically sanded - in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of abrasive material use. Even without paste, the useit® Superfinishing Pads can create high gloss and matt surfaces on stainless steel and other metals - quickly and efficiently. The pads open up a wealth of options for polishing and treating synthetic, laminate and parquet flooring smoothly and easily. In the automotive industry, the useit® Superfinishing Pads are ideal for the Smart-Repair procedure and for removing paint runs, dust inclusions and overspray effects.

Superfinishing Pad SG2 - for a lasting luster

The useit® Superfinishing Pad SG2 has a fine grinding net - but the SG2 has a grit carrier made of fabric. This more stable surface makes the useit® Superfinishing Pad SG2 ideal for final smoothing jobs, removing paint runs and dust inclusions, processing and smoothing orange peel skin, Smart-Repair jobs, leveling out border areas between differing surfaces, preparing vehicles for further processing and finishing stainless steel and nonferrous metals.

Superfinishing Pad SG3 - for the perfect finish

Compared to conventional polishing processes with felt and paste products, the useit® Superfinishing Pad SG3 offers you huge savings potential in the treatment of high-gloss lacquers, GRP surfaces, metals and mineral materials - resulting in a considerable reduction in working time and costs. The abrasive grains applied to a fabric using a special coating method align themselves automatically through the thick foam backing during sanding, giving you an even finish and a perfect surface. The pad adapts perfectly to curves and curved surfaces, preventing the through-sanding of beads and edges. Like the SG and the SG2useit® Superfinishing Pads, the useit® Superfinishing Pad SG3 is also ideal for both wet and dry sanding. 

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