Floor Cleaner Junior 18

Discover the wireless freedom with rechargeable battery technology


METABO CAS rechargeable battery technology for unlimited floor cleaning

The robust and handy design of the Floor Cleaner Junior 18 immediately catches the eye. The FCJ 18 is designed for daily use in hard-to-reach areas and on a wide variety of surfaces. The global and powerful rechargeable battery system allows you to work independently of a power source and is compatible with many other battery-powered devices.

We have not only found a high-quality battery system in the cross-manufacturer METABO Cordless Alliance System (CAS), we have gained a reliable and genuine partner with whom we will continue to develop more cordless grinding and cleaning systems in the future.

Technical Data: 

Intem number:FCJ-18
Intem number heavy:FCJ-18/2
Power consumption:300 Watt
Engine speed:2800 - 3000 min-1
Cleaning area:190x340mm
Battery voltage:18 V
Line voltage frequency:50 Hz
Total weight:17,5 Kg
Total weight heavy:20 Kg
Total weight 18V battery:1 Kg
Sanding stroke:5 mm
Water tank filling volume:3 l

Our new FCJ machine with its integrated water tank is even easier to operate. It cleans even edges and corners of floors in just one effortless and reliable operation. Our Floor Cleaner Junior 18 will tackle and master a wide variety of cleaning tasks on almost all types of floor coverings, such as hard coverings, oiled or sealed wooden floors, structured surfaces, stone and carpets, with no problems at all. We have now found the ideal complement to our innovative cleaning systems – the CAS rechargeable battery system – guaranteeing cleaning work that’s fatigue-free and fast.

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