Mesh abrasives

A high level of inherent rigidity combined with innovative grain bonding


Green Cut® - the new generation of mesh abrasive

The high inherent rigidityof the mesh abrasives of JÖST abrasives ensure perfectly smooth surface treatment - and in combination with the Green Cut®'s open backing structure, this gives you dust-free working and prevents the abrasive disc from clogging up at the same time. Thanks to its innovative design, our mesh abrasive can be mounted on single and multi-disc shuttle machines with a Velcro system, without the need for an intermediate pad. This results in very effective, smooth and even treatment of wood and parquet flooring. Even heavily-soiled and excessively-treated wood floors can be perfectly cleaned thanks to the Green Cut®'s innovative and open backing structure. The dirt is removed through the mesh abrasive's open structure which also prevents clogging. The mesh abrasives by JÖST abrasives can be used on every long-neck sander available on the market.

The newly developed Green Cut® mesh abrasive sets new standards in sanding performance, dust extraction and uniform sanding results. Thanks to the special structure of its carrier and the binding of the abrasive grains, Green Cut® is also available in coarser grits like 40 and 60. 

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mesh abrasive
Superpad G for long-neck sander
GreenCut® mesh abrasive

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