Non-woven abrasives

Probably the most flexible product! It can be used for a wide range of jobs


The allrounder among the abrasives

Non-woven abrasives, probably the most flexible products on the market, can be used for a wide range of jobs. These non-woven-based sanding pads are used by DIY specialists and professional craftsmen to carry out a wide variety of sanding jobs, such as the matting of previously shiny surfaces, the smoothing of wood and other surfaces, and the roughening of various materials for better adhesion of varnish and paint. JÖST abrasives produces a wide variety of abrasive nonwovens in almost every grain size and dimension imaginable. The easy-cut Abraflex® non-wovens abrasive is ideal for both manual use and for electric sanding machines.


  • Matting of new components
  • Surface preparation for primer or Unilack applications
  • Abrading of fillers and surfaces before paint application
  • Matting of spot repair areas of critical color tones
  • Smoothing/stripping of stained and glazed profile strips, tongue and groove boards, window frames, etc.
  • Structuring of softwoods, brushing out of veneered furniture items
  • Abrading and grinding of old paints, varnishes, plastics, rubber components (prior to bonding)
  • Surface pre-treatment of zinc, zinc coating and aluminum   
  • Degreasing and cleaning of surfaces before painting and varnishing
  • Dulling and dash-dot matting of steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, plastic surfaces etc.
  • Derusting of handrails, pipes, iron girders, vehicle body parts
  • Cleaning and wet-scouring of mossy and dirty stones (facades, marble slabs, tiles, etc.)
  • Removal of paint/cement film etc.


Abraflex® High Performance is often used for further processing tasks, thanks to its uniform fiber structure and total impregnation. The constant weight and consistent strength of this nonwoven make it ideal for the manufacture of nonwoven abrasive tools like tubes, brushes, belts and sanding wheels.

Abraflex® E-Type is especially suitable for manual application and is usually used for cleaning and finishing rolls or hand pads. Uniform and total impregnation guarantee highest quality and longest service life. In addition to a substantial standard range, we also offer customized solutions for individual customer demands, like special colors and grits. 

The Abraflex® soft automotive features an extremely high level of cutting comfort and flexiblity. Its innovative coating and spreading technologies make it THE solution for the most sophisticated requirements. It is excellent for varnishes , especially in the matting, abrading and preparation of surfaces before varnishing with sensitive water-based paints and critical color tones.

Fiber-reinforced Texflex® non-woven  the special design of it enables it to be used as a sanding disc for rotary tools or as an abrasive belt (like a paper or body grinding disc) for sanding old paints, varnishes and putty, and for breaking edges, de-rusting and removing sanding marks.

As a manufacturer with its own wide range of products,  JÖST abrasives can provide its customers with every type of non-woven abrasives in renowned JÖST quality and in almost any kind of packaging. An individual solution can be achieved at any time, whether in the form of jumbo ware or a tailor-made cut. If you need solutions for special designs, do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us personally, by phone, e-mail or via our online form. We will contact you right away and make you a non-binding offer for the non-woven abrasives you need. 

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