JÖST abrasives - Awards

Jurylevel 2018 - Hessian Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises

Training company 2018

Also this year, we have been awarded "training company 2018" by the IHK.

It is our goal to integrate the apprentices into the company and to further develop them to become specialists.

Hessian Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises 2016

JÖSTabrasives has been awarded the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises". This prestigious award recognized the family-owned business as one of the three best medium-sized companies in the German state of Hessen. For more than 35 years now, JÖST abrasives has been developing and producing its outstanding products for craftsmen and the industry. The Oskar-Patzelt Foundation honored the company with the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises" in 2016. This award, received together with two other prizewinners, acknowledged our Odenwald (Forest of Odin) company with its 60 employees as one of the most exemplary medium-sized companies of Hessen.

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Hessen Champion 2016

"The 25th Hessian Entrepreneurs' Day, hosted by the Association of Hessian Entrepreneurs (VhU) took place yesterday in Wiesbaden's Kurhaus. 1000 guests watched the selection process of the Hessen Champions of 2016. Eleven applicants had made it to the finals of this, Hessen's most prestigious competition - and 6 of them were from southern Hessen. Two regional companies received an award in the "World Market Leader" and "Innovation" categories. Together with the Kassel-based SMINNO GmbH, JÖST GmbH from Wald-Michelbach received the award in the "Innovation" category. The innovative products of this abrasives manufacturer are used in the automotive, furniture, metal and plastics industries, as well as in the parquet and building cleaning sectors."

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