Jöst Diamond®

A radiant shine for your floors!

For brilliant results

Our high-quality diamond pads with abrasive diamond grains are ideal for cleaning and maintaining hard floors and elastic floor coverings. Your floors will be refinished, cleaned and polished exactly in accordance with your wishes. The pads are optimally suited for machines with slow and normal running speeds. No chemicals and very little water are needed to process your flooring. The environment will thank you!

The high-quality Jöst Diamond® pads from levels 1 to 8 offer users an all-round solution for professional floor restoration and maintenance. They remove coatings and scratches without using chemicals – and do a great job of top stripping with no additional chemicals. Matt stone surfaces are given a new shine. Levels 7 and 8 produce a unique brilliance and enable environmentally friendly maintenance cleaning without any cleaning agents.

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Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
DP1-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP1-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-180in polybag2
DP2-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP2-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-260in polybag2
DP3-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP3-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-400in polybag2
DP4-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP4-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-600in polybag2
DP5-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP5-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-1200in polybag2
DP6-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP6-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-2000in polybag2
DP7-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP7-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-3000in polybag2
DP8-150 Ø150 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-190X340 190x340 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-203 Ø203 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-220 Ø220 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-254 Ø254 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-330 Ø330 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-335X485 335x485 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-375 Ø375 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-410 Ø410 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-430 Ø430 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-500 Ø500 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2
DP8-530 Ø530 mmgreyK-5000in polybag2

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