Pipe sanding system 2000

The world's unique pipe sanding system


360 degree in one step

The machining performance of the patented Pipe Sanding System 2000 of JÖST abrasives is unique in the world of sanders. Pipes and cylindrical bodies up to a diameter of 76 mm can be sanded all around in a cost-saving procedure that is fast, seamless and rational. Perfect for cleaning, rust and paint removal, smoothing, roughening, fine sanding and the satin finishing and polishing of stainless steel and NF metals. Operating the Pipe Sanding System 2000 is simple, fast and comfortable - compared to other systems, the workload is reduced by up to 50%. The cost of the abrasive materials is also reduced, generating major savings for the entire pipe sanding process.

The sanding tool is placed around the workpiece and rotated by an electrically or pneumatically-driven drive unit. The propulsive force required to rotate the sanding collar is transmitted by a toothed belt, also developed and patented by JÖST abrasives. The belt can be easily and quickly opened and closed by means of a patented locking system - absolutely essential when working on closed pipe systems.

The Pipe Sanding System 2000 can be used in:

  • railing construction
  • metal & steel processing
  • boatyards
  • stainless steel processing
  • pipeline construction
  • interior work
  • cleaning of buildings
  • painting and varnishing
  • and many more applications

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
2000-1 complete set w. sanding collarsbluewithoutin carton1 pcs.
2000-2 complete set with sanding collars size 2bluewithoutin carton1 pcs.
2001-1 48-76 mm pipe diameterbluewithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2001-2 25-48 mm pipe diameterbluewithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2002 35-76 mm pipe diameterblackwithoutin polybag4 pcs.
2002/100 35x40 mmredA-100in polybag40 pcs.
2002/180 35x40 mmredA-180in polybag40 pcs.
2002/1000 35x40 mmgreyS-1000in polybag40 pcs.
2002/SG 35x40 mmgreySG-1500in polybag40 pcs.
2002K 40 35x40 mmredP-40in polybag40 pcs.
2002T 80 35x40 mmbrownA-80in polybag40 pcs.
2002T180 35x40 mmbrownA-180in polybag40 pcs.
2003 25-65 mm pipe diametergreywithoutin polybag4 pcs.
2003/100 27x40 mmredA-100in polybag40 pcs.
2003/1000 27x40 mmgreyS-1000in polybag40 pcs.
2003/SG 27x40 mmgreySG-1500in polybag40 pcs.
2003K 40 27x40 mmredP-40in polybag40 pcs.
2003T 80 27x40 mmbrownA-80in polybag40 pcs.
2003T180 27x40 mmbrownA-180in polybag40 pcs.
2004 Ø195 mmblackwithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2005 no dimensionblackwithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2005-1 Driving wheel with 5/8 inch bushingbluewithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2006 with borewholebluewithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2006-1 Ø30 mmmetallic/greywithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2007 no dimensionmetallic/greywithoutin polybag4 pcs.
2008 for sanding collarmetallic/greywithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2009 29x19 mm / 29x25 mmblackwithoutin polybag8 pcs.
2010 no dimensionblack/metallicwithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2011-1 set 48-76 mm pipe diameterbluewithoutin polybag1 pcs.
2011-2 set 25-48 mm pipe diameterbluewithoutin polybag1 pcs.

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