No more dust residue!


Work effectively without no dust residue

Thanks to the useit®-dust disc, the dust goes where it belongs... in the vacuum cleaner! Although our useit®-abrasives provide a virtually dust-free environment in combination with a dust extraction system, antistatic charging can cause a very small amount of residual dust to be attracted to the sanded surfaces. Our useit®-dust disc removes this dust completely - yet another dust-free sanding process - thanks to JÖST abrasives.


Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
STS-128 Ø128 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-136 Ø136 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-150 Ø150 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-156 Ø156 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-190X340 190x340 mmwhitewithoutin polybag10 pcs.
STS-200 Ø200 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-210 Ø210 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-225 Ø225 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-280 Ø280 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-315X460 335x485 mmwhitewithoutin polybag10 pcs.
STS-375 Ø375 mmwhitewithoutin carton25 pcs.
STS-375/SB Ø375 mmwhitewithoutin SB carton10 pcs.
STS-410 Ø410 mmwhitewithoutin carton30 pcs.
STS-410/SB Ø410 mmwhitewithoutin SB carton10 pcs.
STS-430 Ø430 mmwhitewithoutin carton30 pcs.
STS-430/SB Ø430 mmwhitewithoutin SB carton10 pcs.
STS-460 Ø460 mmwhitewithoutin carton30 pcs.
STS-460/SB Ø460 mmwhitewithoutin SB carton10 pcs.

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