The cleaning non-woven pad for
structured floors

The nubbed cleaning non-woven pad for structured floors

AbraflexNopp®has been specially developed to carry out basic cleaning on structured surfaces, using almost any cleaning chemistry. This patented, robust pad even penetrates into the deep zones of structured surface coverings and - just like the Abranopp® cleaning pads - gives you a truly thorough and deep cleaning of all hard coverings.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
AFN-B190X340 190x340 mmbeigevery fine abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-B335X485 335x485 mmbeigevery fine abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-B410 Ø 410 mmbeigevery fine abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-B430 Ø 430 mmbeigevery fine abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-G190X340 190x340 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-G335X485 335x485 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-G410 Ø 410 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-G430 Ø 430 mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-G500 Ø 500mmgreenmedium abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-R190X340 190x340 mmredslight abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-R335X485 335x485 mmredslight abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-R410 Ø 410 mmredslight abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-R430 Ø 430 mmredslight abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-S190X340 190x340 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-S335X485 335x485 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-S410 Ø 410 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-S430 Ø 430 mmblackheavy abrasivenessin carton5 pcs.
AFN-W190X340 190x340 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-W335X485 335x485 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
AFN-W410 Ø 410 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
AFN-W430 Ø 430 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.

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