Social commitment pays off!

For children, young people, the environment and society! Social commitment to society is an essential part of our company’s philosophy. Whatever the area in which we are involved, we always try to contribute to the solving of social problems. Social commitment pays off! This is why we have joined the ranks of the many Strahlemann Foundation donors. Strahlemann supports the education of children and young people, giving them independence and attractive future opportunities. The foundation has not only set up national education projects, it also supports children and young people in countries all over the world, such as India, Portugal and Haiti. Children are our future – and we’re proud that Jöst is contributing to improving their future. We are also very concerned about sustainable nature conservation – so we have now become a Bee future partner, adopting beehives for our company to prevent bee mortality and increase the bee population. We’re also delighted that we can support local associations and institutions in line with the motto, “Every contribution has a big impact!”

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