One pad - many applications

Thanks to its open structure the takeit®-Normal pad has an extremely high intake capacity for dirt - so it is especially suitable as a dust storage pad for our multihole Superpad P abrasive for machines without dust extraction. It is also excellently suited for the oiling and waxing of wooden surfaces - during sanding, the oil or wax is equally distributed over the surface and staining is prevented. The incorporate grains also smooth the wooden surface - and the results are truly superb.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
46 grob Ø410 mmgreenextreme abrasivenessin carton10 pcs.
46 ultra-fine Ø410 mmpurpleultra-finein carton10 pcs.
47 grob Ø430 mmgreenextreme abrasivenessin carton10 pcs.
47 ultra-fine Ø430 mmpurpleultra-finein carton10 pcs.
48 grob Ø460 mmgreenextreme abrasivenessin carton10 pcs.
48 ultra-fine Ø460 mmpurpleultra-finein carton10 pcs.
50 GROB 335x485 mmgreenextreme abrasivenessin polybag5 pcs.
50 ULTRA-FINE 335x485 mmpurpleultra-finein polybag5 pcs.
52-GROB 190x340 mmgreenextreme abrasivenessin polybag10 pcs.
52-ULTRA-FINE 190x340 mmpurpleultra-finein polybag10 pcs.

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