Blue Wave Melamine pad

no chemicals agents are needed, only water!


Cleaning sponge with a unique waffle

The difference between the Blue Wave sponge and conventional sponges is in the Blue Wave's unique structure. This reinforced structure is significantly extending its service life. Thanks to its rubber eraser effect, all kinds of stubborn stains and dirt such as

  • heel marks on floors
  • pen marks on desks
  • calcified surfaces
  • car windows

and much more can be removed easily from smooth and hard surfaces - and no chemical agents are needed, only water! The Blue Wave cleaning sponge must always be used wet. It is not suitable for high-gloss surfaces and lacquer. 

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Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
BW-190X340 190x340 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
BW-200 Ø200 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
BW-280 Ø280 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
BW-335X485 335x485 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
BW-370 Ø370 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
BW-410 Ø410 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
BW-430 Ø430 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
BW-485 Ø485 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
BW-500 Ø500mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
BW-530 Ø530 mmwhitewithoutin carton5 pcs.
BW 70X110 70x110 mmwhitewithoutUpon request5 pcs.

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