Abrasive film 

useit®-Abrafilm® for an excellent finish


Extremely durable and tearproof

The newly developed useit®-Abrafilm® offers excellent cutting performances and has an extremely durable and tearproof film carrier. The finest sanding up to grit 3000 is possible with the useit®-Abrafilm®. This results in smoother sanding and therefore finer results. The multihole perforation of the abrasive in combination with the multilayer structure of the Velcro-type system guarantees the exact alignment of the abrasive grain. This leads to continuous dust extraction over the entire surface, optimum sanding results and a much higher service life. The useit®-Abrafilm® is suitable for both wet and dry sanding. 

Thanks to the multihole perforation, the innovative useit®-Abrafilm® discs fit on all sanding machines available on the market, irrespective of the different number of holes in the backing plates. This ensures a maximum benefit and major savings in storage costs.

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