Abraflex® Maroon Pad

Non-woven of highest quality for universal use - the chemical-free solution!

The environmental-friendly solution!

The Abraflex® Maroon Pad is the chemical-free solution for the partial or complete removal of floor coatings.The Abraflex® Maroon Pad easily removes floor coatings using only water and no chemicals – on almost all surfaces and especially on light-colored floors. This pad is ideal for preparing worn, sealed and painted areas (such as sports halls) for a new coat of sealant. It’s robust and can be used both wet and dry. Thanks to its stable and hard-wearing structure, the Abraflex® Maroon Pad has alonger life span and gives you excellent machine stability.

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Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
MP-190/340 190x340 mmbrownfinein polybag5 pcs.
MP-335/485 335x485 mmbrownfinein polybag5 pcs.
MP-410 Ø410 mmbrownfinein polybag5 pcs.
MP-430 Ø430 mmbrownfinein polybag5 pcs.
MP-500 Ø500 mmbrownfinein polybag5 pcs.

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