Working together for Mother Nature!

Hardly any other topic has gained as much importance in recent years as the term “sustainability”. Awareness of ecological action is increasing enormously in our society. Under the motto, “We bear the responsibility for tomorrow”, the European Institute for Industrial Relations has compiled a collection with selected examples of sustainable corporate management in SMEs. Jöst GmbH also stands for sustainability and environmentally friendly actions. Sustainable product developments of the highest environmental standards at our Wald-Michelbach site in the beautiful Odenwald (Forest of Odin) and an almost self-sufficient energy supply are as close to our hearts as conserving nature – so we are proud to play our role in this aspiration, which we hope illustrates a positive and motivating example of sustainable corporate management.


Sustainable nature conservation is also very close to our hearts, so we have also become a partner of BeeFuture– and we have adopted our own company hives to stop the problem of bee mortality and increase the bee population. We have also planted an insect flower meadow for the bees along the entire length of the company’s premises. And what about our alpacas? They’re not only a sight for sore eyes; they also replace our lawnmowers and other cultivation machinery!





At our site in Wald-Michelbach in the scenic Odenwald, we insist on the highest environmental standards for our production. 95% of all the floor cleaning work can be carried out with no chemicals – we use only water together with our specially developed cleaning pads. Our P1 sanding system also adheres to high environmental standards, in stone processing, for instance – and that means dust-free sanding and no exposure to pollution for humans and the environment. Our production site is also in a mixed residential area, so we only use environmentally friendly binder resins.





In 2016, we installed the first publicly accessible electric battery charging station at our site in Affolterbach – and our new production halls in Abtsteinach will also be self-sufficient soon – their flat roofs will be equipped with photovoltaic systems, a wind turbine and battery power storage equipment. Wind and solar power support us on our path to climate neutrality and reinforce our “No” to fossil fuels.