Microfiber pads

high quality and excellent cleaning results - made in Germany!


Cleaning without chemicals

The newJÖST high-quality microfiber pads - made in Germany - give you outstanding cleaning results with an unsurpassed price-performance ratio. When the pads are used in combination with the JÖST Floor Sander and Floor Sander Junior eccentric cleaning machines, the treatment is intensive and results in a very clean surface. You can clean different materials using only water - no chemical agents! 

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Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
MF-BM128 Ø128 mmbluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-BM190X340 190x340 mmbluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-BM335X485 335x485 mmbluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-BM410 Ø410 mmbluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-BM430 Ø430 mmbluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-G190X340 190x340 mmgreywithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-G335X485 335x485 mmgreywithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-G410 Ø410 mmgreywithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-G430 Ø430 mmgreywithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-P190X340 190x340 mmwhite/bluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-P335X485 335x485 mmwhite/bluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-P410 Ø410 mmwhite/bluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-P430 Ø430 mmwhite/bluewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-W190X340 190x340 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.
MF-W335X485 335x485 mmwhitewithoutin polybag5 pcs.

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