Sanding belts

The globally unique useit®-Superfinishing-belts and -tubes


First-class abrasive belts for belt sanders

Pioneering new standards for sanding on manual belt, long-belt and wide-belt sanding machines! The globally unique useit®-Superfinishing-belts and -tubes from JÖST abrasives are revolutionizing industrial surface treatment processes.

For the first time ever, the sanding dust can be directly suctioned off through the abrasive belt or tube, and thanks to this innovative design, abrasives belts and drums can no longer become clogged. Dust pollution at the workplace and at the machine is drastically reduced - and sanding performance is significantly increased. The useit®-Superfinishing-belts and -tubes can be used to remove dust inclusions and other impurities from painted surfaces in a dry sanding process, for example - without having to repaint the treated surfaces. Plastered surfaces can be smoothed or polished to a high gloss. NF metals, stainless steel and solid surface materials can be sanded to a high gloss in two or three stages at most, or polished without paste.  

JÖST abrasives develops electronic belt sander abrasives, which are a solid guarantee for extremely precise, high-quality fine and finish sanding. With our products, you can achieve first-class surfaces and perform even the most demanding sanding jobs on 

  • paints
  • lacquers
  • wood
  • metals
  • mineral materials

Our useit®-sanding belts and drums come in several versions, with different abrasives and with paper or non-woven backing (ideal for wet sanding) and in widths of up to 1400mm. We also supply customized solutions that will match your requirements perfectly. Please contact us for more details.


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