Sanding net

Useit®-net and useit®-net Marathon for a optimum surface quality

Innovative design for excellent sanding results

The Jöst useit®-net fits on all machines available on the market and is therefore universally applicable. Work can be done quickly, safely and dust-free. Clogging of the pads is prevented thanks to the innovative design and the sanding performance compared to conventional sanding pads is increased many times over.

The Jöst useit®-net Marathon is made of 100% ceramic grain and is ideal for hard surfaces such as hardwood, lacquer, solid surface material and many more. Thanks to the innovative design of the sanding net and the ceramic grain, you will achieve excellent as well as virtually dust-free sanding results with the useit®-net Marathon pads.

  • Suitable for all machine types
  • Optimum surface quality
  • Available in almost all sizes and dimensions

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