Other Abrasive

Sandpaper for CLINI holders, for HANDI sanding gloves, sanding mats and sanding blocks.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
03-P 40 100x150 mmredP-40wrapped in foil20 pcs.
03-P 50 100x150 mmredP-50wrapped in foil20 pcs.
03-P 60 100x150 mmredP-60wrapped in foil20 pcs.
03-P 80 100x150 mmredP-80wrapped in foil20 pcs.
03-P100 100x150 mmredP-100wrapped in foil20 pcs.
03-P120 100x150 mmredP-120wrapped in foil20 pcs.
03-P180 100x150 mmredP-180wrapped in foil20 pcs.
04-P 60 hand-shaperedP-60wrapped in foil20 pcs.
04-P 80 hand-shaperedP-80wrapped in foil20 pcs.
04-P 120 hand-shaperedP-120wrapped in foil20 pcs.
04-P 180 hand-shaperedP-180wrapped in foil20 pcs.
10-K 24 Ø 115 mmblueK-24in carton25 pcs.
10-K 36 Ø 115 mmblueK-36in carton25 pcs.
10-P 40 Ø 115 mmredP-40in carton50 pcs.
10-P 40/SB Ø 115 mmredP-40wrapped in foil10 pcs.
10-P 50 Ø 115 mmredP-50in carton50 pcs.
10-P 50/SB Ø 115 mmredP-50wrapped in foil10 pcs.
10-P 60 Ø 115 mmredK-60in carton50 pcs.
10-P 60/SB Ø 115 mmredP-60wrapped in foil10 pcs.
10-P 80 Ø 115 mmredP-80in carton50 pcs.
10-P 80/SB Ø 115 mmredP-80wrapped in foil10 pcs.
10-P120 Ø 115 mmredP-120in carton50 pcs.
10-P120/SB Ø 115 mmredP-120wrapped in foil10 pcs.
10-P180 Ø 115 mmredP-180in carton50 pcs.
10-P180/SB Ø 115 mmredP-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
33-COARSE 96x125x12,5 mmgreyheavy abrasivenessin carton10 pcs.
33-FINE 96x125x12,5 mmgreyfinein carton10 pcs.
33-MEDIUM 96x125x12,5 mmgreymediumin carton10 pcs.
34-COARSE 99x68x25 mmgreyheavy abrasivenessin carton24 pcs.
34-FINE 99x68x25 mmgreyfinein carton24 pcs.
34-MEDIUM 99x68x25 mmgreymediumin carton24 pcs.
70-A 40 115mm x 50 rmblueP-40in banderole1 pcs.
70-A 60 115mm x 50 rmblueP-60in banderole1 pcs.
70-A 80 115mm x 50 rmblueP-80in banderole1 pcs.
70-A100 115mm x 50 rmblueP-100in banderole1 pcs.
70-A120 115mm x 50 rmblueP-120in banderole1 pcs.
70-A150 115mm x 50 rmblueP-150in banderole1 pcs.
70-A180 115mm x 50 rmblueP-180in banderole1 pcs.
70-A240 115mm x 50 rmblueP-240in banderole1 pcs.
71-A 40 115mm x 5 rmblueP-40in banderole1 pcs.
71-A 60 115mm x 5 rmblueP-60in banderole1 pcs.
71-A 80 115mm x 5 rmblueP-80in banderole1 pcs.
71-A100 115mm x 5 rmblueP-100in banderole1 pcs.
71-A120 115mm x 5 rmblueP-120in banderole1 pcs.
71-A150 115mm x 5 rmblueP-150in banderole1 pcs.
71-A180 115mm x 5 rmblueP-180in banderole1 pcs.
71-A240 115mm x 5 rmblueP-240in banderole1 pcs.
72-A 40 230x280mmblueP-40wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A 60 230x280mmblueP-60wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A 80 230x280mmblueP-80wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A100 230x280mmblueP-100wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A120 230x280mmblueP-120wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A150 230x280mmblueP-150wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A180 230x280mmblueP-180wrapped in foil10 pcs.
72-A240 230x280mmblueP-240wrapped in foil10 pcs.
73-A 40 280x230mmblueP-40wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A 60 280x230mmblueP-60wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A 80 280x230mmblueP-80wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A100 280x230mmblueP-100wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A120 280x230mmblueP-120wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A150 280x230mmblueP-150wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A180 280x230mmblueP-180wrapped in foil50 pcs.
73-A240 280x230mmblueP-240wrapped in foil50 pcs.

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