SG2 for P1 dust-free sanding system

The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG2 for the Jöst P1 dust-free sanding system differs from our useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG in that the abrasive grain backing consists of a closed fabric, not a fine sanding net. The useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG2 is excellently suited for the processing of mineral surface materials, stainless steel, NF metals, GRP and wood surfaces thanks to its more stable surface. Depending on the grain size used, different degrees of gloss can be achieved in a very short time. Like the SG, the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG2 is also ideal for wet and dry sanding.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
133-SG2 800 Ø136 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
133-SG2 1800 Ø136 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
133-SG2 2500 Ø136 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
133-SG2 3000 Ø136 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
143-SG2 800 Ø156 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
143-SG2 1800 Ø156 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
143-SG2 2500 Ø156 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
143-SG2 3000 Ø156 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.
144-SG2 800 Ø210 mmgreySG-800in carton25 pcs.
144-SG2 1800 Ø210 mmgreySG-1800in carton25 pcs.
144-SG2 2500 Ø210 mmgreySG-2500in carton25 pcs.
144-SG2 3000 Ø210 mmgreySG-3000in carton25 pcs.