SG3 for P1 Sanding system

Thanks to its increased foam thickness, the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG3 for the Jöst P1 dust-free Sanding System adapts itself superbly to curved and shaped surfaces. Like the useit®-Superfinishing Pad SG2, it is ideally suited for processing mineral materials, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and GRP & wood surfaces.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
133-SG3 360 Ø136 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
133-SG3 500 Ø136 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
133-SG3 600 Ø136 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
133-SG3 1000 Ø136 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
133-SG3 2000 Ø136 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
133-SG3 3000 Ø136 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
133-SG3 4000 Ø136 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 360 Ø156 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 500 Ø156 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 600 Ø156 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 1000 Ø156 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 2000 Ø156 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 3000 Ø156 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
143-SG3 4000 Ø156 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 360 Ø210 mmgreySG-360in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 500 Ø210 mmgreySG-500in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 600 Ø210 mmgreySG-600in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 1000 Ø210 mmgreySG-1000in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 2000 Ø210 mmgreySG-2000in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 3000 Ø210 mmgreySG-3000in carton20 pcs.
144-SG3 4000 Ø210 mmgreySG-4000in carton20 pcs.