Abraflex soft automotive rolls

Abraflex® soft Automotive is a cutting-friendly universal nonwoven with a high level of sanding performance. It distinguishes itself through its high degree of flexibility and adaptability. It is particularly suitable for sanding hard-to-reach areas such as narrow seams, beads, edges and door locks. It is also ideal for finishing base and clear lacquers in the automotive industry and in the wood and plastics processing industries. An innovative coating system ensures an even distribution of the abrasive grain along the fiber, offering the perfect solution for the highest quality requirements.

Technical specifications

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Part numberdimensionscolorgranulationdelivery formPU/piece
08-A/F-GREEN 115mmx10IfmgreenA-fine greenwrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A/F-GREEN/100 100mmx10IfmgreenA-fine greenwrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A/F-SOFT 115mmx10IfmredA-finewrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A/F-SOFT/100 100mmx10IfmredA-finewrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A/VF-SOFT 115mmx10IfmredA-very finewrapped in foil1 pc.
08-A/VF-SOFT/100 100mmx10IfmredA-very finewrapped in foil1 pc.